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嘉納 治五郎



Jigoro Kano

About The Founder of Judo

Jigoro Kano was a student of Ju Jutsu, a martial art that was used by the Samurai warrior class during the centuries of civil war period known as Sengoku Jidai. He felt what if this art of war could be used for education purposes as he was a Senior educator. He began to develop a more scientific approach to using the leverage system already in Ju Jutsu and devloped the art of leverage much further. He is also responsible for empahsising ground grappling which Kosen Judo or pre Olympics Judo became the foundation for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Judo was the first Japanese Martial Sport to be included into the Olympics.


Today Judo is practised across the world from elite Olympic athletes through to kids having fun rolling on the ground together in Ne Waza literal translation laying down techniques or as we know it now as ground grappling. 

Judo Is For Everyone

Today whether you are a woman, child, from different cultures or age, Judo is the place to unite the world. Jigoro Kano the visionary has had his dream come true in education the masses and being open to everyone.

Jigoro Kano We Are Forever Grateful

The World is a better place because of the gift your brought into this world. Happy Birthday!

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Today marks the birth of the man who created the greatest gift of all to the world Jigoro Kano. He took what was essentially an art for lethal war into the new era of creating friendships through the martial sport of Judo. 

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